Plot Your Political Position (PYPP)

Answer 27 questions on liberty. See where you lie in the political spectrum, from liberal to conservative, totalitarian to libertarian.

PYPP was written by Richard Sharvy in 1987 or so (he died in 1988). It was written in some kind of Microsoft BASIC for CP/M. A few years later I distributed a compiled, Microsoft QuickBasic version of that program for the Macintosh called 'Libqiz'. That program is unstable on MacOS 8.x and up. It wasn't a rock on earlier Mac systems either.

PYPP 1.0 is closer to standard BASIC than its predecessor. It's tested stable under two free and publicly distributed implementations of BASIC. Making the source code compliant with two independently developed versions BASIC should yield a useful degree of portability.


Plot Your Political Position 1.0, as source code or compiled program, costs zero dollars. You may distribute it. You may distribute altered versions provided: 1) they work, 2) there is clear and prominent notification that you altered the program and how, 2) there is clear and prominent notification of the original authorship.

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